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Why you need to consider adding fire and water to your design?
Water and Fire, two of the most inspiring natural elements, now can be combined and coexist in swimming pools and fountains to create spectacular water effects.
A classic swimming pool design can be transformed into the ultimate backyard escape for the peace of your senses. And a simple fountain can come to life thanks to mesmerizing water features.
Sound overly dramatic? Well maybe a bit, but then again maybe not…
The water features that can be added to an existing or new residential or commercial pool are virtually endless, as they can be customized to any specific taste and design needs. Example of common water features are waterfalls, cascade, laminar, bubbler and more.
Pentair always keep pace with the latest trends and recently introduced the ultimate and only water fountain bowl with elegant, lighted fire effects.

Sculpted from a durable, UV resistant material, the MagicBowl Water Effects with FireFX LED Lights is a wonderful addition to any backyard or fountain. With its dramatic sights and soothing sounds, the MagicBowl is a dazzling accent piece during the day and a flowing bowl of fire at night.
With a variety of bowl shapes and metallic composite finishes, MagicBowl Water Effects with FireFX LED Lights gives customers the design flexibility they need to accent any poolscape with style.
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