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Spring is coming, which means it’s time to get your pool—and the area around it—ready for fun in the sun. If you start now, you can soak up all the pool season has to offer and not miss out on a minute!

Open Up the Pool

If your pool has been closed over the winter, you may want to take some steps to freshen it up. We’ve compiled some helpful tips in this post to help you start the process of getting your pool ready. These steps can help ensure your pool is ready to jump into once warm weather hits.

Spruce Up Your Poolside

Your pool isn’t the only part of the yard that needs attention after a long winter. Sweep the deck to remove any dead leaves or other debris. Also, give the plants a little love. Remove weeds and prune back any foliage that may be getting unruly. Early spring is a great time to thin out overgrown shrubs to allow light into the middle of the plant—just be careful not to remove any flower buds. You may want to spend some time researching which parts of your landscape could benefit from early pruning. That way, you can follow a schedule that complements the natural growth cycles of your plants.

Plant a Pop of Color

In addition to working with your existing greenery, you may want to add some cheerful new plants to your pool landscape. If you live in a climate that is warm year round, you can plant annual flowers, such as carnations and marigolds, directly into the soil in February. In colder climates, you’ll need to sow these seeds inside and transplant them outside after the soil thaws. You should start to see blooms within 8–12 weeks.

Light Up Your Landscape

The lighting of the landscaping around your pool can impact the overall atmosphere. As the evenings get warmer, you may want to use your pool beyond just daylight hours. To make the atmosphere even more inviting during the evening, consider adding some lights in and around your pool. LED lights are energy efficient and available in a range of colors to suit your overall design.

Enhance Your Environment

Simple changes can make your pool even more of a welcoming setting for friends and family. Consider adding a new, fun feature to your poolscape, such as a fire pit. Invest in some high-quality outdoor furniture—maybe a table, chairs and loungers—so that your family can dine outside, around the pool.

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Pool

Since spring is just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about how you want to use your pool this year and plan ways to make it even more inviting than it already is. Will you invest in new yard furniture, plant some colorful flowers or brighten up your poolscape with LED lighting? However you choose to prepare, we hope you enjoy relaxing in and around your pool in 2016.